12 Tattoos That Are Making The Best Of A Situation

Tattooing is a practice that has been around for centuries. It’s a way for individuals to express themselves and put their unique personalities front and center for the world to see. And even though there are still many people who can’t get on board with them, tattoos continue to be extremely popular, and the level of skill and artistry that goes into them are more apparent than ever before.

Another great thing about tattoos is their ability to turn a negative situation around. Whether it’s covering up a scar, making use of a birthmark, or utilizing unique body features to their advantage, tattoos can have a dramatic, positive impact on people’s lives. So, even if you would never consider getting one yourself, it’s important to realize that for others, tattooing can be a form of healing, expression, and self-acceptance.

1. I love how creative this one is.

2. What a pretty way to cover up a scar!

Instagram | @tattoosbysantiago

3. This one doesn’t cover up the scar, but it certainly makes perfect use of it.

4. At least he’s having fun with it!

Twenty Two Words

5. What a cool idea!

Imgur | grimol

6. This one is just adorable.

7. Gotta love this person’s sense of humor.

8. Birthmarks are something that you should embrace. This guy is making the most of his!

Up Shout

9. Every scar tells a story, and so does every tattoo!

Instagram | @francis_field

10. This is great.

Imgur | Albatraous

11. Very cool!

reddit | DanniMcBoo

12. This is a perfect examples of someone who is celebrating and embracing their uniqueness.

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