Emma Watson is absolutely amazing — but hey, we already knew that, right? She is an unbelievably talented act and a college graduate, a humanitarian, a feminist, and more. Seriously, she is a fantastic role model and total #goals. But, as much as we think we know about her, there is still a ton of stuff that a lot of us know nothing about. Which co-star did she have a crush on while filming the Harry Potter franchise? Did you know that she actually wasn’t born in England? Read on to find out the answers to these, along with other cool facts!

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1. Harry Potter was her first professional acting gig.

2. She is a certified yoga and meditation instructor.

3. Her favorite sports include hockey, tennis, and netball.

4. She auditioned eight times before she landed the role of Hermoine.


5. She missed the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party because she fell asleep in her hotel room right after the show. How did she spend her night instead? She ate pizza.

Same, girl.

6. Emma was born in Paris, France, and speaks a bit of French. She moved to Oxfordshire, England when she was five.

Knowing a bit of French probably helped her during that opening number in Beauty and the Beast.

7. Reading is one of her favorite past times, and she reads for pleasure all the time.

8. Her favorite color is white or cream.

Daily Mail

9. Emma totally had a crush on bad boy Tom Felton as a pre-teen.

10. She was almost cast as Cinderella in the live-action production.

A few years later, she snagged the role of another Disney princess — Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle!

11. She created the initiative HeForShe, which is a campaign that encourages men to openly support gender equality.

12. Emma is a UN Goodwill Ambassador advocating for women’s empowerment as of 2014. Talk about a humanitarian!