14 Embarrassing Celebrity Facts They Wouldn’t Want You To Know

1. Sylvester Stallone got his start in 1970, as a porn star in Party at Kitty and Stud’s.

2. Ricky Gervais used to be in a new-wave pop duo called Seona Dancing.

Seriously, that’s him there on the right. YouTube their song Bitter Heart, it’s actually pretty good.

3. Christopher Walken travelled with the circus when he was 15. He was a lion tamer.

You’re right, that’s not embarrassing. That’s the coolest thing ever.

4. Tim Allen was arrested in 1978 for possession of 1.4 pounds of cocaine and was jailed for two years.

5. Vin Diesel, the stone-faced tough guy, is a MASSIVE Dungeons and Dragons geek.

He even wrote the forward to a book about the game.

6. Prince Charles collects toilet seats.

And whenever he travels, he takes a luxury leather-covered toilet seat with him.

7. Russell Crowe got his start in a band called Roman Antix.

Embarrassing Facts About Celebs EMGN7

Foreshadowing, anyone?

8. Steve Jobs became a vegan because he thought it would eliminate the need to shower.

9. At school, Bill Gates was tasked with writing the code that scheduled classes. He used it to put himself in classes with mostly female students.

10. Uncle Phil isn’t James Avery’s most badass role. He was the voice of Shredder in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series.

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