15 Amazing Food Inventions That You Need In Your Life Right Now

Some of the problems we encounter with food can be a right royal pain in the backside. Seriously: how annoying is it when you get your whole arm stuck in a Pringles tube, all because you wanted to savour that last crisp sitting by itself right at the bottom? Or when you’re in a Chinese restaurant but you’re a little too embarrassed to admit that you find chopsticks impossible to operate so have to ask for a fork? Or how about when the ice in your Coke melts and makes your flawlessly fizzy beverage all watery and gross?OK, so first world food problems are not that bad, all things considered. But if someone is willing to step up to the plate and solve them for us, of course we’re not going to say no. Cue these 15 incredible food inventions that you need in your life right now. Each and every one of them just proves that sometimes in life, something comes along that’s so unbelievably perfect that we wonder why we didn’t think of it years before.

1. This bowl of chicken and fries; one hand holds everything and you eat with the other

2. This avocado colour chart, so you know exactly when it’s ripe

3. These shopping carts which come fitted with a magnifying glass for the elderly

4. These chopsticks which are also forks

5. This picnic table has seating for adults and kids, as well as a space for wheelchair-users

6. This amazing stretchy reusable food cover

7. This little invention allows you to spray juice directly from your fruit of choice

8. This Pringles tab which lifts up the crisps so you don’t have get your hand stuck in the tube

9. This store sorts its bananas according to how ripe they are

10. This restaurant puts Coke ice cubes in your Coke

11. The coffee shop that shows the differences between all of the hot beverages

12. This edible cutlery

13. The restaurant that delivers your beer by a miniature train

14. These glasses which are designed so you can carry several at the same time

15. This handy takeaway spork that has a toothpick in the handle

So there you have, 15 phenomenal inventions that will most definitely make your relationship with food even more perfect than I hope it already was. My personal favourite, you ask? I’m a massive fan of the bowl of chicken and fries with a straw through the centre. Why use two hands to hold your heavenly fried chicken when you could use one? But then again, I’m a lazy so-and-so.

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