15 Gradient Nail Art Designs

Gradient nails are certainly all the rage right now. They appear to be difficult to do, but in reality, they’re not at all! So, if you’re looking to get in with the cool kids then take a look through this list for some ideas and tips that’ll tell you exactly how to get those gradient nails you’ve always wanted.

1. Pure gradiance (get it?…radiance…gradiance…yaaaa).

2. Gradient with a twist.

Francesca M |

3. Peachy keen gradient nails!

4. Gradient plus design overlap…perfect.

YouTube | Laynie Fingers

5. Easy breezy blue gradient.

YouTube | Demelza’s World

6. Let’s add some glitter to that blue gradient design.

YouTube | prettynailsbymal

7. You can have it all…

YouTube | HannahRoxNails

8. The look of love.


9. All the colors of gradient.

10. Pretty in pink…and purple.

Dilly Cakes | Snapguide

11. It’s still summer, get the neon in while you can!

12. Pastel perfection.

Brit Nails

13. More pastels!

YouTube | Ane Li

14. These ones just might take the cake…

15. But these are pretty perfection-esque…take your pick!

Main image source: Chalkboard Nails

Collage image source: 1. Chalkboard Nails 2. Muggle Manicures 3. pshiiit

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