18 Hilarious Pictures Taken On Public Transport

Getting public transport is never anybody’s favourite part of the day, especially when you’re bleary-eyed and grumpy first thing in the morning. When you live in a big city in particular, having to make the daily pilgrimage to the office when you’re crammed into an overcrowded train or shaking bus is nobody’s idea of a good time. Only this morning, my usual train was cancelled, which forced me to endure a miserable journey with about a square millimetre’s worth of space in the carriage, with my face pressed against the glass and the air growing hotter and more fetid with every passing moment.As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also the issue of some of the weirdos you’re forced to share your journey with. Only last week I had to sit next to a man who was barefoot for the entire trip. I didn’t see where he got off, or if he even had shoes with him; I was just grateful I had a seat in the first place. But on social media there are plenty of people who, either intentionally or accidentally, manage to make public transport that little bit more interesting.

1. We’ve got an equestrian here

2. Sneaky origami 

3. A political hotspot

4. Oddly specific 

5. A visual pun

6. Happy Back to the Future day everyone!

7. It really does!

8. Harry and Hagrid on the London bus

9. An excellent pun

10. He’s like something from Final Fantasy

11. Shirtless rabbit breeder

12. The miracle of birth

13. Dinner ruined

14. A foxy friend

15. Homer Simpson IRL

16. A seated doggie 

17. Happy nuptials 

18. A minor history lesson

Yup, you sure do see some funny stuff on public transport, but that’s not all. Occasionally, if you’re very lucky, you’re also privy to seeing something inspiring as well. If you don’t believe me, then check out this amazing footage which captured the moment one Brazilian man saved a stranger’s life at a train station during rush hour.

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