Adorable Couple Has The Best Engagement Session At Krispy Kreme

As someone who recently got engaged, I can’t even begin to tell you how overwhelming the entire wedding planning process has already been. Just when I thought we had the most important elements planned (date and venue), I realized there is still so much more to consider! I’m not going to lie, my stomach started to turn as I was making the most recent to-do list.

However, the one thing I am really excited about and can’t wait to do are our engagement photos.

Photography is a hobby of mine so I love taking photos, but the problem with that is I usually find myself behind the camera instead of in front of it — always the photographer, never the photograph-ee.

POPSUGARLuke & Ashley Photography

So, in order to prepare for one of the few instances where I’ll find myself in front of the camera, I am looking everywhere I can for inspiration. And luckily, I don’t have to go very far to find it!

One couple from Virginia decided to have some lighthearted fun when the time came for their engagement shoot.

Ryan and Kristina, two die-hard Redskins fans and parents of one adorable pupper, chose everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure as the backdrop of their photos: Krispy Kreme.

The couple, who recently celebrated their marriage surrounded by family and friends on April Fool’s Day, spent a beautiful, sunny day with their photographer from Luke & Ashley Photography taking some seriously adorable engagement pictures and enjoying the best treats money can buy.

I don’t know about you, but I love it when couples step outside the box, especially when it comes to things that are chock-full of tradition, like weddings!

POPSUGARLuke & Ashley Photography
To see more images from this fun session, check out the full gallery on the Luke & Ashley Photography blog.

h/t Luke & Ashley Photography

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