Editors Of ‘Men’s Health’ Reveal Their Incredible Body Transformations And How They Did It

Now perhaps more than at any other point in history, male obsession with a chiselled, Adonis-like physique is entering a sphere of frenzy nearly to rival their female counterparts.Of course, the scrutiny under which the male form is placed is not close to that of women, who are burdened constantly by society-induced paradigms of beauty that are all-but impossible to aspire to, despite their obvious appeal. Men are finding themselves under similar pressure, and more and more men are working harder than ever to transform into their dream shape, prompting others in turn to embark on similar fitness journeys.Personally, I believe that any healthy pursuit of a better body and, by extension, a balanced diet and lifestyle is to be applauded, so naturally when the editors of the world famous fitness magazine, Men’s Health, decided to show the world it was possible to get into envy-inducing shape in just 10 weeks, my interest was piqued.Ben Hobson, Kris Pace and Michael Jennings all had a common goal as they embarked on their respective 10 week journeys, to lose fat, gain muscle and revamp their fitness regimes. Their reasons for doing so, though, were all rather different. For Ben Hobson, it was a case of overcoming obstacles that life had confronted him with – a car crash left him with a seriously injured shoulder and the birth of his new baby – clearly, this wasn’t going to be easy.Ben says that the chief purpose of his new fitness regime was simple: to get stronger. Following his injury, he was finding it hard to lift his baby’s pram out of the car, and, deciding that enough was enough, turned to The Greenwood Method in a bid to build some serious upper-body strength. The method focuses on slow, controlled movements and exercises using one’s own bodyweight – Ben used Olympic Rings for his training, but says that the basics can be mastered on a TRX machine.He describes his new training regime thus;“Training in the gym is great but I’ve worked out in the park for 20 minutes at 5am when that’s the only time I had spare. I used Olympic rings, which you can swing over any bar, football goal or tree, although you can master the basics on a TRX. It’s an incredibly versatile way to work out. It’s never easy transforming your body, not least when real life means you’re often tired, stressed or bored.”Ben cut his body fat percentage in half as a result of his training. Kris Pace had struggled for motivation in the gym and was finding it difficult to commit to a full regimen. Wanting to “be strong and lean for a reason”, Kris decided to turn to the noble sport of boxing to realise his aims. His rationale was that boxing would incorporate practical methods of training, although, he admits that his lack of boxing experience made for a “pretty daunting task”.A combination of strength endurance boxing exercises and fat burning circuits led to remarkable results – Kris shed 12 kilograms as a result of his training, as well as losing 7 per cent body fat; he says he could feel as well as see the results of his work, “I’ve never felt mentally and physically sharper than I did after my boxing sessions.”It is easy to get caught in a repetitive exercise cycle, where you aren’t making any real difference to your fitness or physical appearance anymore. This was exactly the case for Michael Jennings, who decided he wanted a drastic shake-up of his regime. Michael certainly took his workout routine on a different track when he decided to train in the mould of Olympic gymnasts to reinvigorate himself.“I was in awe of the gymnasts at Rio 2016 – you could see how every muscle fibre was called upon to perform their complex movements. The chiselled abs and broad shoulders were a byproduct of their practice, not the reason for it.” Michael also undertook an overhaul of his diet, saying; “I ate whole foods and plenty of veg at every meal. Even breakfast. Don’t expect to be able to do an iron cross overnight – or even in 10 weeks time, mind.”Although none of these guys were in bad shape beforehand, the progress they have made in just over two months is remarkable and just goes to show, it is always worth trying new methods of exercise out; in the world of fitness, getting stuck in a rut should never be an excuse.Pictures from Men’s Health magazine.

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