Emily Ratajkowski Gets Hilariously Photobombed By Old Woman

In news that by now will shock utterly nobody on the face of Earth and possibly even the universe, Emily Ratajkowski has yet again posted a topless photo to the Internet. 

With her hand clasped over both breasts hiding her nipples from Twitter’s eyes, Emily captioned the picture quite simply with ‘Today’.

However while another nude from Em is no news at all, one unexpected part of the photo is taking the world by storm.

Avert your gaze from the underboob and look up and to the right and there is the real money-shot. An old woman smiling like an old woman does while photobombing Emily to hell.

And with almost everything on Twitter it sure didn’t take long for folk to realise the photobomb and to start replying in reference to it:

Her simple innocent smile peeking over the naked left shoulder of one of the world’s top models is utterly captivating.

Who the woman in the background actually is remains an unsolved myth but her photobombing prowess will certainly go down in history.

Maybe she could give Emily some tips in mastering the perfect photo.

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