The Hole Next To Your iPhone Camera Actually Serves A Purpose

Almost everyone you know probably has a smarphone, and of those smartphones, iPhones are probably the most popular. It seems there is always something new to learn about these phones. As you may have noticed, there is a hole next to the camera, and you may not be aware of what the purpose of it is.

Over the past few months people have been trying to figure out what this mysterious hole on their camera is for. Some people thought it was a light, and others thought it might be a microphone.


Take a look at your phone, and on the back there is a hole between the camera lense and the flash. Someone else thought it might be a reset button to press if you want to restart your phone.

But it actually is not a reset button, so you should definitely avoid poking it. The answer is that this hole is actually a microphone, but not just any ordinary microphone.


The microphone on the back of the phone helps to receive the audio more accurately from another angle while blocking out the outside noise. Apple has been focusing on improving its audio with the phones, and they have added some new features to their iPhones.

So now you know the bottom microphone is used for talking, and the back is used for noise cancellation. However, the top front and top back microphones aren’t just for noise cancellation. They also make the audio more clear when you’re recording a video, using Snapchat, or chatting with Siri.


When you are far away, and talk into your phone the audio gets picked up easily thanks to the two extra microphones. There has also been an upgrade to the speaker for a more enjoyable sound experience.


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