Justin Bieber Makes Indian Kids’ Dreams Come True On School Bus In Mumbai

If you thought Canadian popstar Justin Bieber’s Mumbai outing is all work, think again. Before his concert, the star, who landed in Mumbai around 1.30am on Wednesday, went to a coffee shop, enjoyed a long drive and even interacted with underprivileged children.

The adorable visit was captured on video and thankfully shared on social media for us all to enjoy.

Justin Bieber /
Credit: WENN.com


The adorable video shows him shaking their hands, learning their names, and basically making all their belieber dreams come true.

Justin BIeber/
Credit: WENN.com

A local newspaper also reported that the Biebs gave tour passes to up to 100 children and to top that off, the singer set up an area where the kids could go before the concert to meet with him and enjoy all the free food and drinks they wanted.

Justin Bieber/
Credit: WENN.com
The star checked into a seven-star hotel in Lower Parel in central Mumbai. According to a source, he booked four floors for himself and his crew. And despite his rocky reputation it looks like Justin is on the road to do good.

Justin Bieber/
Credit: WENN.com


The tattooed hunk has mostly been staying out of trouble. He recently took his younger brother, Jaxon, to a hockey game to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs compete in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Then it was back on the road again for his world tour, but Justin still made time to relax pool-side in Dubai with some friends.


Do you think Justin is turning his life around one good deed at a time?

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