Back in January, seven-year-old Gianessa Wride began developing bald spots on her head, and within three weeks, she had lost all of her hair. Doctors diagnosed the young girl from Salem, Utah with alopecia, an autoimmune disease that results in hair loss all over the body.

Because she finds wigs itchy, Gianessa opts for accessories like beanies and headscarves. However, when her school announced it would be having a Crazy Hair Day, Gianessa’s mother, Daniella, didn’t want her to miss out.

“I know she just wants to be like other kids and just fit in and have fun. She loves this kind of thing.” 
Instagram | @daniellawride

So, after a bit of trial and error with things like body paint and temporary tattoos, Daniella finally found the perfect way to decorate her daughter’s head: scrapbook jewels.

“She looked in the mirror and said, ‘Mom, this is awesome!'” 
Instagram | @daniellawride

Not only did Gianessa love her bejewelled look, but so did her friends — so much so that she was named best “crazy hair” in her class.

Instagram | @daniellawride

While some people who suffer from alopecia do experience hair regrowth, it’s believed that Gianessa will be bald for the rest of her life. But that doesn’t seem to phase her.

When asked about it, Gianessa simply replies, “My body doesn’t like my hair.” 
Instagram | @daniellawride
With a positive, strong attitude like that, I think it’s safe to say that this fierce young lady is going to be just fine.

h/t Global News