Miley Cyrus Is Finally Going Back To Her Original Miley Days

I’m sure that when Miley Cyrus started out on Hannah Montana, she wasn’t expecting people to fall in love with her hair.

But we all did. Can you blame us? It’s gorgeous!

Back in 2010, she also had a really cool style about her.

Basically, we wanted to be Miley, okay? She was perfect.


Like every other teenager out there, she experimented with her style, and that included chopping off all those lusciousĀ locks we loved so much.

Because it was a change, people couldn’t handle it and they pushed back. She took a lot of heat for bleaching her hair, but she honestly looked so happy with it.

It was a new era for Miles, and we were bracing ourselves for it.

And even though she was definitely a brand new Miley, she rocked every crazy look ever with an incredible amount of confidence.

In the past, Miley has opened up about wishing that she hadn’t bleached her hair because it was so unhealthy.

She wrote, “Something inside told me I’d regret it…. That hair color comes in a box (well maybe mine) therefore it’s available to purchase and what grows from my scalp naturally is mine and and only mine!!!”

Instagram | @mileycyrus

From there we started to see Miley’s roots grow out, but we weren’t sure if she was going to stick with it. It’s a pretty big commitment, after all.

All we could do is cross our fingers and hope that we’d get to someday see those long brunette locks we adored so much.

And then it happened. Miley posted a pic on Instagram of her hair with some serious grown out roots.

“goin back 2 muah rootz,” she wrote.

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