Miley Cyrus Says She’s ‘Completely Clean’, No Weed, And Just Wrote A New Song Inspired By Love

After taking a long hiatus from the spotlight, pop star Miley Cyrus is finally back, and boy has she changed a lot over the past few years. The now 24-year-old is back with a new song around the corner, and has opened up to Billboard magazine about her new life, love, and look.

A lot has changed for Miley since her tongue wagging days of the Bangerz album that came out in 2013. She was all over the headlines with popular songs like Wrecking Ball and Can’t Stop keeping her at the top.

During her Bangerz tour, she was known to dress spontaneously, and sometimes wearing barely any clothing at all.

Now almost five years later, Miley has done a lot of growing, and her next album can be expected to be incredibly different. The next song fans can expect to hear from her is supposedly on her rekindled romance with Liam Hemsworth.

1. Miley opened up to Billboard after a long hiatus from the media. It’s clear that she’s eager to share the changes in her life and her views. Gone are the days of minimal clothing and pasties. It looks like we’re about to meet another, more matured side to the country-pop star. 

2. Part of those changes currently involve her staying clean which means no partaking in smoking weed and no drinking. It’s been three weeks since she’s smoked. 

3. Although Miley shared that she’s quitting weed ‘for a second’, the break should give her mind a good enough amount of time to clear and refresh itself.

4. She explained to Billboard that she wanted to surround herself with people who make her want to get better, more evolved, and open. She began to notice that the people who were stoned were not all that.

5. Hemsworth and Cyrus share a property in which they own seven dogs, two pigs, and two miniature horses. Here she is pictured outside the place in a car she purchased for Hemsworth. You can see the rainbow patterned building which has definitely got the Cyrus touch. 

6. She explained that when she’s not making music or doing yoga, she enjoys walking her dogs and going grocery shopping. She also approaches people normally and doesn’t want to be treated differently because ‘she’s not.’ She explained that lots of people stare at her, but they stare even more when she’s dressed like a cat. 

7. This mindset is what helped her to get out of her ‘Dead Petz’ phase. This was a time period during her 2015 album in which she used to dress as a unicorn, etc.

8. In the latest news, Cyrus has written a gentler song called Malibu in an Uber of all places! She described that she usually drove herself everywhere but this day she decided to Uber. She had to try and remind herself not to sing out loud as there was someone else in the car. 

9. Cyrus is looking forward to being open with her relationship and what it means to her. She told Billboard that people are going to talk if her and Hemsworth walk out of a restaurant so why not write a song to fully express what it is. Here is a photo of the couple back in 2012. 

10. She explained that she’s currently determined to stay clean as she’s happy with where she’s at right now. Once she wants something, it comes easy to her, she explained.

11. The activist shared her experience on The Voice as well as interacting with Trump supporters. Some of you may recall her tearful video posted after the election of  President Donald Trump.

12. The entire Billboard interview can be read when it comes out on May 13th. Cyrus goes into detail about the changes in her life, and what’s to come in terms of new music. Looks like Miley has entered a new era and has done a lot of growing up over the past little while.

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