People Expose Their Partners’ Most Embarrassing Habits, And It’s Hilarious

Have you ever walked in on your partner doing something they shouldn’t? And, no, I don’t mean cheating. I’m talking about the embarrassing habits that we all definitely have, but desperately try our best to hide from the object of our affection. Because we know we’d never live them down. For example, I’ll never forget the time I walked in on an old boyfriend making his Marvel figures talk to each other in funny voices. The relationship was over pretty sharpish after that.But, hey, like I said, we all have them! It just seems a lot of us need to learn how to be more cautious about hiding them, as the people in the following list of photos – collated by our friends at Bored Panda – would advise you. They were well and truly caught in the act. My own personal secret I wouldn’t want anyone else to find out, you ask? If I told you, I’d have to kill you. But I will happily expose other people’s humiliating habits…

1. This woman walked in on her husband attempting to help their cat walk on the ceiling

2. A man found his wife “multitasking” 

3. A wife found her husband getting a little too intimate with their pet dog

4. One lady had no idea her partner liked to dress up in this rather special ensemble

5. Can’t sleep? Use your wife’s underwear as a sleeping mask

6. What would you think if you walked back into the room to find your husband doing this?

7. It was an awkward situation when this man asked to use his wife’s phone and was told her passcode was their anniversary

8. This man hired a maid and was prepared to take credit for the impeccably clean house, until his wife saw this

9. This man recorded his girlfriend’s despair at missing the ice cream truck

10. A husband discovered his wife’s secret goody drawer

11. When a man stumbled upon this drawer, he learnt his wife had definitely not stopped smoking

12. While facing long delays at the airport, a wife found her husband joining the children

13. When this man was left to look after his baby son, he soon got distracted

14. This man was shocked to discover the contents of his wife’s “healthy snack tin”

15. This wife didn’t tell her husband she was terrified of heights until they got on a Ferris wheel

So there you have it! 15 people’s deepest, darkest secrets that they never wanted their partners to know, let alone you guys. How do you think their relationships fared after these pictures were taken? I’m guessing most of them recovered reasonably quickly afterwards, expect perhaps the guy who forgot his wedding anniversary. That’s a relationship secret sin that well and truly can’t be forgiven. I would have given him hell.

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