Slightly Creepy Pics Of 16 Celebrities Posing With Their Younger Selves

See celebrities then and now as they pose next to their young selves. It’s a blast from the past and maybe even slightly creepy, but you can see how much they’ve grown and changed.

When Matthew McConaughey poses next to his younger self, he actually hasn’t changed at all! Still the same cute smile and dimples, but he did swap his bow tie for a cross and grow out his hair.

Christina Aguilera still has her mega voice on point, but her appearance has clearly matured. That’s not a bad thing. She’s just a riper version of her younger self!

Thankfully though, her wardrobe has since received an overhaul and she looks great in her classy black dress.

Keanu Reeves proves the Matrix really exists and that he’s been living in it for all these years. He really hasn’t changed a bit!

While one of his expressions shows more determination while the other appears more happy-go-lucky, no one can tell which picture is his younger self!

Joan Rivers who sadly passed away in 2014, was a vocal proponent of plastic surgery. She proved her love for it because her before and after pictures are remarkably similar! She looks beautiful! Rest in peace, Joan Rivers.

Rob Pattinson hasn’t let enough time pass by for there to be much difference in his then and now shots.

No fair Rob! But we’re sure lucky to have two of him.

Similar situation with Lady Gaga who became famous in only 2008. Of course she looks great, but clearly she hasn’t changed much at all.

Wow. Leonardo DiCaprio in 1997 and today. He looks pretty much the same. A slightly older version of his young self!

Still got the cheeky smile going on.

Despite the hair change, the two Drew Barrymore’s look pretty similar. Yes, she appears a bit more solemn, but that’s probably just the mood she’s in.

Where has the time gone? Clearly Tom Hank’s hasn’t lost his youthful vitality.

Even if he’s lost a wee bit of his hair. He still looks great and appears older and wiser.

Amy Adams is another ageless superstar. She’s incredibly talented and knows the secrets of eternal youth. The only clue to which picture is her younger self is the 90’s style white dress.

Justin Timberlake will clearly never lose his cute babyface. In his younger picture he looks like a 10 year old in a suit!

Hollywood must have a magical ingredient in the water!

Believe it or not, Beyonce actually looks younger today than in her youth. Either she’s travelled through time or she’s drinking that magic Hollywood water!

Can you guess Sandra Bullock’s age in each image? She looks pretty similar but there’s actually a 20 year age gap!

Sandra in the green dress is 51 years old, while Sandra in the red dress is 31 years old!

Julia Roberts today looks like her younger self’s slightly older sister. Beautiful as ever!

Justin Bieber doesn’t appear any older at all.

Another star drinking that magic Hollywood water. They should bottle it up and start selling it!

The fine lines gracing Meryl Streep’s elegant face seems to enhance her natural beauty. She’s a fine role model for graceful aging.

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