Teen With Terminal Cancer Left Heartbroken After She Gets Turned Away From Ed Sheeran Concert

Clinching tickets to see your favourite artist in concert is a pretty big deal for any music fan out there. It’s certainly no small moment when you finally get to see them onstage in person, belting out the tunes you’ve listened to on your iPod over and over again. But when a young woman from Lossiemouth, Scotland, bought tickets to see red-headed superstar Ed Sheeran, it was wasn’t just a night out, it was fulfilling an important life goal.Dion Yates, now 18, was only 15 years old when she was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare disease where cancer cells develop in the bone or in soft tissue. In March 2017 she was told by doctors that there was nothing else they could do and her condition was terminal. When she found out the news, the teenager decided to create a bucket list of things she wanted to do before she died. One of the items on her list was to see Ed Sheeran perform his hits at the O2 Arena in London.

At first, the Scottish family worried when it looked like all of the tickets were sold out on the main websites. However, Dion’s request seemed like it was going to go exactly to plan when her family amazingly managed to find a VIP package on Gumtree. The family ended up paying an eye-popping £600 for the package.The tickets looked legitimate, coming in an official envelope. So it was full-speed ahead to make one of Dion’s last wishes come true. But tragically this dream quickly descended into a nightmare when they travelled down to London for the show.After travelling hundreds of miles from their home in Lossiemouth, Scotland to the O2 Arena in London, the family learnt that the tickets were elaborate forgeries. Dion’s sister, Jacy, said: “As soon as they tried to scan the tickets, they were like ‘you need to go and see the fraudulent table’, and we arrived and they told us they’ve seen three of these already. We just stood there. Dion went into a bit of a panic attack.”Jacy has stated that the man who sold them the tickets has since blocked their phone numbers and the matter has been passed onto the police. But the Yates family have taken matters into their own hands on social media.Shortly after their futile trip to London, Dion’s mum, Kerry, posted a message on Facebook condemning the “low life scum” who sold them the tickets, all while knowing of the full extent of Dion’s terminal illness. She said: “I just think it’s disgusting. Not that her condition should have anything to do with it, but to go out knowingly and con someone is horrible. There are just no words for it. He even knew about her health. You think most people have got a heart.”Kerry’s post on Facebook said: “Well some low life scum will be rubbing their hands together. After charging over the odds for ed sheeran tickets anyway. Then finding out Dion is terminally ill and were completing her bucket list puts a bit extra on for VIP tickets. Gets to o2 and the tickets are fake Absolutly disgusting excuse for a human being. Dion Kyra Yates is the bravest girl i know battling the worst thing ever keeping a smile on her face. Please share this and get the power of social media to raise awareness #doit4dion #justicefordion”

Her post has been shared more than 8,000 times, with Facebook users rallying together to attack the ticket scam artist’s sickening actions. But there may be hope for Dion’s bucket list yet. Jacy claims that since the Facebook post went up, the family has been overwhelmed with companies offering them box seat and VIP tickets.
Also, let’s not forget that chart-topper Sheeran – whose record label Atlantic Records recently announced it was trying to clamp down on scammers – has a habit of coming through for his fans in the most heartwarming of ways. This week, he performed a private mini concert for a 10-year-old girl with a rare brain condition. Hands up who thinks he should do the same for Dion.

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