Woman Loses A Stunning 200 Lbs And The Transformation Is Incredible

One thing that always impresses me is the ability and willpower exhibited by others when it comes to losing weight. In that regard, I happen to be very fortunate. With my fast metabolism, I’m one of those lucky people who routinely gorges themselves on junk food and manages to stay slim regardless. I have no idea how hard it must be for those who struggle with their weight; those who make a huge effort every day to stick to a diet plan and exercise regularly.Most people are encouraging when it comes to supporting the weight-loss and fitness routines of obese individuals; but there is a darker side to all this, and many prejudiced people use concern for the health of others as a flimsy pretext for fatphobic trolling and abusive behaviour.

However, it’s always inspiring to see how much effort those who suffer from debilitating obesity will go to to lose weight, and if you’re inspired by their proactive behaviour, then you can apply their level of application to your own struggles. No matter what your addiction might be, or what kind of lasting changes you’re trying to make to your own lifestyle, the fact that other people have gone the extra mile and shed their weight just proves that anything can be achieved as long as you have the right attitude.For instance, take the case of Nikki Webster, the young woman who once starred in the TLC TV series My 600 Lb Life. Nikki has managed to make some incredible changes to her diet, and shed more than 200 lb from her body in the process. Recently, the producers of the TV series decided to revisit Nikki to see how she was getting on, and suffice to say, things got pretty emotional.

Nikki Webster, a 34-year-old woman from the town of Little Rock, Arkansas, weighed more than 650 lbs when she first appeared on the TLC reality series. Now, the former food addict has lost more than 200 lbs following gastric bypass surgery, but confessed to the documentary-makers that she’s frightened of going back under the knife. Nikki needs cosmetic surgery to remove the excess skin on her stomach which has been hanging loose as a result of being stretched by the kilograms of fat.

But after Nikki’s best friend died during his own weight loss surgery, she developed a fear of the procedure. In the promo of the upcoming show, which will air on TLC on May 3, Nikki talked about losing her friend Michael. “Earlier this year, my best friend Michael had a gastric bypass, and he died. That haunts me,” she stated, “As terrified as I am about surgery, I know this has to happen”.

Nikki traveled all the way from Little Rock with her father Terry to Houston, in Texas, so she could consult with renowned weight loss surgeon Dr Younan Nowzaradan. There she learned she had to lose at least 50 lbs on a limited diet plan before she could undergo a gastric bypass procedure. However, Nikki shocked the producers of the show by losing the weight in just three months.

After the gastric bypass, Nikki shed another 200 lbs over one year, as well as sessions with a therapist so make sure she was in the correct mind to keep the weight off. Now, Nikki has a significant presence on social media, and boasts thousands of supportive fans. We couldn’t be prouder of the incredible change she’s made. Kudos to you Nikki!

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